M.O.T.T – Camilla Ghazala

Senior Therapist – Coach – Trainer – Speaker

What I offer

Working together, we will identify your individual map, your skills, traits, values and the blocks, oppositions and challenges to your health and wellbeing. Working cognitively and somatically, we ensure you are able to embed encouraging tweaks that will improve your all-round health. Tweaks, when embedded, create changes; stepping stones that lead us to our medium and long-term goals.

Our work will enable you to feel grounded, present and energised most of the time, making life easier to navigate.

Presentations & Conditions I work with

I predominantly specialise in four areas:

Long Term Conditions


Anxiety & Stress Activation






Some of these presentations may require medical input and medication. For many medication can be reduced or ceased with effective personal development, working along side your prescriber.  In some cases medication may be required medium/long term. Emotional regulation and all round wellbeing improves when individuals engage in safe and effective development, and through understanding your individual map we can chart a productive, course of treatment that is aligned with your medium/long term goals.

Effective therapy works on many levels and, in a nutshell, it enables us to understand our internal world and how this is clearly shown in how we manage our relationships, work, our responsibilities and our day to day lives. We learn about the different parts of us that we have creatively developed, the ones that work well, and those that take us in to loop cycles, habits, behaviours that deplete our health, relationships and day to day lives. 

Together we will combine neurological learning and development with somatic learning and experience. This combination enables us to identify and access the core of the issues, be they psychological, emotional, or existential. We work with mind, body and soul as this combination is empowering, grounding and enables us to navigate life feeling rounded, present and energised most of the time.

Somatically explained: The more time we operate from our Ventral Vagal mode, the less time we are in Sympathetic activation (stress) or Dorsal activation (withdrawal/collapse/depressed).

The frequency, duration and intensity of our time in Sympathetic and Dorsal modes is directly proportionate to our all-round health and wellbeing. The more time we are activating our Sympathetic and Dorsal modes, the symptoms these conditions create will intensify.

How I can help

We may work using one style of therapy or it may be more developmentally effective to use a blended approach. All of the below styles are beamed through a Polyvagal informed lens. I skilfully offer a safe and enabling environment, that is the catalyst for cognitive and somatic changes that improve all round wellbeing. 

Styles of therapy and coaching:

All of these styles of therapy follow the NICE guidelines, are BPS (Biopsychosocial) and proactive in encouraging neuroplasticity, emotional regulation and self care management.

Self care

Self care management includes a range of essential elements that support our psychological (mental), emotional, physical and spiritual (whatever that may mean to you) health. For some, the list below will be familiar, for others the connection between health and essential elements may be new.

Essential elements include: