M.O.T.T – Camilla Ghazala

Senior Therapist – Coach – Trainer – Speaker

The Nature Wheel

My passion is enabling myself and others to navigate our Earth Walk, being grounded, energised and present. This means we can access our head mind, and heart mind simultaneously, which in turn gives us and our planet opportunities to be respected, cared for and nurtured. When we consciously develop connection to our wisdom and nature, we open our gates to flourish whilst Earth Walking, living collaboratively with ourselves, others and our planet. 

I have been very fortunate, for 40 years I have worked with many experienced and wise teachers. Through their support and guidance, I have blended ancient wisdom and practices with 21st century knowledge, enabling a fusion of styles that can be woven into everyday life. 

The Nature Wheel encourages us to navigate life how it is now, supported through Shamanic philosophy and practices, balancing our duality of Earth and Spiritual beings.

My work enables myself and others to gain insights about our characters, patterns and styles so we can work with the natural ups and downs of life and develop our psychological and emotional regulation. From this style we develop as individuals, work in collaboration with others at home, work and in our communities. We can navigate natural ruptures, challenges and difficult times, and celebrate the gift of being here! 

Learning how to read messages from Nature and each other that encourages our enthusiasm for life and finding practical solutions for everyday challenges. 

Learning how to encourage our growth, development, individuality and collaborative natures.

Workshops at Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Bedfordshire, MK45 4BT

Spring, summer, autumn and winter one-day workshops in 2024.

The spring (February 3rd) workshop include:

  • Setting the scene and opening the circle
  • Connecting with the 4 directions and this season
  • Connecting to power animals and their skills
  • Growing beneficial skills in everyday life

I am running three other workshops in 2024 – summer (May 4th), autumn (August 3rd) and winter (November 2nd), one for each season. These workshops include learning about our essences, qualities, characteristics and skills, and that it is us who determine how these can be developed, directed and applied.

Cost & booking info

The workshop cost is £55 and there are 10 places available. To book, please email me.

Locations for other workshops

These range from one to five days.


It can feel very out of a person’s comfort zone to do The Nature Wheel but Camilla is a highly skilled tutor who relaxes her students with calm, open, encouraging, knowledgeable tutoring. Whilst teaching you the respectful way to treat both nature and the Shamanic teachings / rituals she also allays students fears of ‘getting it wrong’. A calming workshop to do, it gives you life skills to take away. And an understanding that all these rituals can be done anywhere to calm and soothe our souls. I would encourage anyone to sign up to do The Nature Wheel. It’s a workshop that gives you skills, moves you along emotionally and bonds you with your fellow students. Thank you Camilla. – Terri-Louise Pilgrim, participant every year since 2015.

Camilla is an inspiration; insightful, gentle and thoughtful putting her heart an soul into the Nature Wheel the preparation is evident in the way she presents the thoughts, ideas and riches of this workshop. She shows a keen desire to support others on their journey without hesitation, to the place that’s right for them in that moment. – Jackie Rhodes, regular participant every year since 2015.

A journey to connecting the dots

I attended the Nature Wheel workshop as part of my professional development at the Adlerian Summer School 2023, with the theme Roots and Wings. This workshop was an unexpected opportunity to get in touch with my childlike nature, my creativity and curiosity, and to feel more energized after each session. Initially, I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t know what to expect from this unconventional approach. But Camilla, a wonderful and experienced facilitator, was so encouraging and empowering that she made me feel comfortable and safe to explore the unknown. As I followed her gentle guidance, I felt like a child again, wandering in nature with wonder and excitement, rediscovering lots of little things that brought me memories of joy. I was reminded to appreciate the abundance of nature and to take what makes me happy without worrying about scarcity. Nature is generous and is always replenishing itself. The process of using natural elements to create a personal space to reflect my roots and wings, my needs, my strengths, and my aspirations allowed me to connect deeply with myself and nature. Through this process, I found courage, new solutions to old problems, and renewed energy. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I felt as if tremendous growth had happened instantly. I came away from it feeling inspired and motivated to keep using this type of intervention in my personal life and my counselling sessions. I highly recommend it! Carmen Tamas, 2023