M.O.T.T – Camilla Ghazala

Senior Therapist – Coach – Trainer – Speaker


'My work with Camilla, simply put, has transformed my life. I am in my fifth year at the same company and in a solid relationship which to be honest I never thought I would have. My quality of life is the best it’s ever been, the only thing I’d change was that I had worked with Camilla when I was much younger. I have developed emotional stability, I’m free of my past, I don’t have to use anything to help me cope with how I feel, and Camilla made sure I had the knowledge and practical knowhow to continue my personal develop which I do regularly.'

 – AF, 2011 (UK)

'I had worked with many different therapists over the years, and finally found one who really helped me understand myself, work through my unresolved grief, help me gain encouraging counsel within myself and whilst it’s an ongoing journey, learn to like and respect myself, I even love myself some days now, really remarkable! I have lost 11 stone and am 1 stone of my target weight. I have never felt this good and proud about myself and know development is really possible with the right help.'

 – CS, 2014 (Ireland)

'Camilla realised OCD was my creative strategy to manage my anxiety and fervent worry habit. I worked with Camilla and my GP and now life is like other people’s - I can go out with my friends and have fun, I can eat out, I play football and love it, and when my natural anxiety is building, I know how to help myself and deescalate, so I don’t get swamped and swallowed up anymore. I know how to keep my personal development going and know people do not have to live in a drowning sea of despair. I really want to say thank you Camilla, you have changed my life and I know you'll say I did most of the work!'

 – HW, 2017 (UK)

'Just a massive massive thank you, I have a life of quality, I have friends and can laugh, I can manage the ups and downs of life and I am, most of the time calm with uncertainty! This process has been flipping brilliant thanks very much Camilla.'

 – PA, 2021 (UK)

'After being told by so many I would never feel ok or happy again, Camilla’s amazing compassion, encouragement and support has enabled me to find me again, I have meaning in my life, I have peace in my heart, I have good times and I know how to manage my heart and tend it in ways that Camilla help me design. This work has been really life changing for me and I thank you from the bottom of my soul, you saved me Camilla.'

 – TS, 2013 (India)

'So much I could say so to put it briefly, I sleep well, I am light in myself, and I am free of the hideous torturous place I was in for many years. I have not the words to thank you enough Camilla, you saved my marriage and my life.'

 – PD, 2012 (UK)

'My life looks very different now, I understand the loop cycles I got into, understand how to pace my self and why I get overwhelmed sometimes. I am pretty chill and funny most of the time and now applying for jobs which I thought I never would be able to even consider. I know my development is ongoing and I have hope and good friends. Life is opening up for me.'

 – AH, 2022 (UK)

'Camilla is so encouraging and enabling, and she helped me understand my feeling are valid and just as important as anybody else’s, and that I need to take care of myself and take time for me. I have started doing the things I used to enjoy again. I now have a firm foundation of change to build on. Camilla is amazing and I feel very privileged to have worked with her and sad our work has finished and pleased with myself that I am managing solo! I do not like talking to strangers and Camilla put me at ease straight away, she really listened to me and help me get into our work. Thank you again for all you have done for me I wish I had found you much earlier in my life.'

 – JC, 2019 (USA)

'Learning about PV approach to my body and blending it with ACT has been extremely useful for me and has improved my client work (I am a therapist). My practice of noticing is an essential key for my mental health and emotional regulation, and I have developed an encouraging, enabling self-dialogue – total game changer for me. Camilla you are truly skilled and a remarkably intuitive therapist. I felt totally safe with you throughout our work. Thank you so very much. I'll be back for a top up next year!'

 – MS, 2020 (Japan)

'These appointments have made a huge difference to my life and I want to thank Camilla for her input, understanding and patience with me.'

 – GF, 2023 (UK)

'I can honestly say for the first-time with a therapist, I felt heard and understood. My life has changed almost beyond recognition, I have a permanent job and am starting my own business after being told for years I would not be able to work. I am alive and living my life thank you Camilla.'

 – RB, 2022 (UK)

'Working with Camilla enabled me to explore my feelings and learn helpful techniques to support me with my end of life preparation. It enabled me to understand my natural feelings and work with them, I realise working against them created far more strain in my mind and body. Camilla has been so compassionate and practical, the work was perfectly paced for me and I have found a peace I never thought was possible at this most tricky time for me and my family. This work has supported us all and we offer our most heartfelt thanks and regards.'

 – EJ, 2023 (Spain)

'Hi Camilla, I really wanted to say a massive thanks for your invaluable support. I found your style easily digestible, and the perfect mix of theory and having practical things to tweak at home and work, has quite honestly been brilliant. My growth has been remarkable and I will be eternally grateful for our work together, and your human, encouraging and enabling personality.'

 – DJ, 2022 (Scotland)

'Thanks very much for providing us, a safe space and time to speak honestly. We both found understanding Polyvagal so practical in learning how to move away from regular rows and stress, and we now have a framework to light touch in with once a week, and this has been a total game changer for our marriage and the peace and happiness in our home (most of the time!!) Learning about ‘Most of the Time’ has also enabled us to build on what is worth building on, and keep our focus there. We do not have the words to explain what relief this work has brought us both, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.'

– DR & GR, 2014 (UK)