M.O.T.T – Camilla Ghazala

Senior Therapist – Coach – Trainer – Speaker


I strongly advise you discuss all medication matters with your prescriber, and if following this, you begin to move towards reducing your medication there is an agreed structured plan that you and your prescriber can review on a regular basis.

Some clients may require medication for the long term. In these cases, effective personal development reduces the intensity, frequency and duration of their presentations and relapses.

Some clients who have engaged in safe and effective personal development, and with their prescriber have actioned a reduction and cessation plan, can navigate life without medication.

Some clients may, over a period of time, reduce their medication and find a ‘holding’ level works for them.

Occasionally clients may be advised, for a variety of reasons, that therapy is not appropriate at this time. The reasons would be transparently explained and advice given for more appropriate alternatives.