M.O.T.T – Camilla Ghazala

Senior Therapist – Coach – Trainer – Speaker

About me

My passion is being an excellent catalyst for personal development and growth. My core values are encouragement, learning, compassion and collaboration. In my spare time, I love wild swimming, connecting with family, playing in our band, walking with friends and growing things. 

Dual accreditation

because humans are individual

I have chosen to be dual accredited (BACP & BABCP) because people are individual. We learn, communicate, understand, and make sense of things through our own multifaceted lens. There is no one theoretical approach that fits us all! The approaches I offer are robustly researched and evidenced, demonstrating their safe effectiveness for personal development that is embedded within us and life enhancing.

Another duality is working within private practice and the NHS (primary, secondary and crisis services). My private practice began in 1983 training individuals and small groups. My NHS role began in 2002 working with NHS professionals and clinicians providing Individual Psychotherapy, Systemic Coaching and Integrative Counselling. My current NHS role is providing a range of therapies for Long Term Condition, Complex & Multiple Trauma Presentations, Clinical Supervision, being the teams Neurohuman Champion.


Working in the personal development field since 1983, I have an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.  As an ethical practitioner I am passionate about continuing my learning and development, which is supported through continual professional development (CPD) and a team of clinical supervisors. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups offering styles and interventions that are accessible to clients and are effective.